The Interior Views of Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West

Presentation Table Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West Georgina Sonmor Photograph

I must advise in advance, that I captured these pictures in a group tour with 19 people.   Getting photos with no people in them took some quick action. Needless to say the photo's are not of the quality I would normally share, however, the subject matter was just too special not to.  

The Insights Tour started in Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West Presentation Office.  The table was used for presentations and rolling out architectural drawings.  Love, love the table! 

doorway Taliesin West Frank Lloyd Wright Georgina Sonmor Photography

He designed the entry ways small, as to give the person entering, an obvious feeling of entering a large and open room.  This was the entry to a very spacious living room.  

The living room also included the dining room, with the table situated in front of the entrance.  The exit to the living quarters, and courtyard was situated to the left of entry, to the right side of your view. 

This is the full view of the dining table and courtyard as you entered the living room. 

Dining table and seating area's.  From what I understood, all of the furniture was also designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, but I am not completely certain.

Fireplace and seating in the living room.  For such a large room, it still had the sitting areas where people could gather in more intimate groups.

Courtyard outside the bedrooms and living room.

Frank Lloyd Wrights wife's, Olga's (as derived from sitting area in her bedroom, facing the courtyard.  Apparently, she did not favor the rock walls, so had the paintings placed over them.

Frank Lloyd Wrights day bed, he had his night bed directly behind the wall that the pillows are propped up against.  Apparently, when he first moved into Taliesin West, there was no glass in the windows, which he designed that way.  The wall separation apparently blocked the chill.  

Following the living quarter area's of Taliesin West,  we worked our way into the Music Pavilion which, which sat approximately 100 people.  Apparently, they hosted many artistic events to the public.

From the Music Pavilion we went into the Cabaret Theater.  This was a layered seating area and a stage, with a piano where they had cabaret style events.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get pictures of the seating area, as the tour had congregated there.  However, I was able to get some of the architectural components that were very interesting.

The backside of the Budda where you entered into the Cabaret Theater.  This picture was taken from the seating area.

The walk way beside the Cabaret Theater as we exited.

I hope you enjoyed the interior of Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West with me.  I am a historical real estate enthusiast, and hope to sprinkle my visits to different Real Estate treasures I visit, with you.

Coming next is the last post in this series of 3, Landscape and Sculpture of this amazing "Taliesin West" treasure.


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