Feng Shui Inspiration for Contemporary Bounty of Apples

Artist feng shui Georgina Sonmor Inspiration oil painting

I painted “Bounty of Apples” as metaphor to attracting "abundance" in ones life! So, fabulous health, amazing happiness, and richness to all parts of your life.  This curiosity was quenched by purchasing many books on the subject of Feng Shui. In these books I learned, it is good Feng Shui to have pictures of food in your eating areas.  I wanted to attract all good things to my life so I created this Contemporary picture of red apples called "Bounty of Apples".  Red gets your attention and I like it.

So if you are looking to attract good Qi (CHe – Noun – Pronounced Chi defined,  "the circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine." Dictionary.com) into your life, try some pictures of food in your eating areas.  If nothing happens, nothing happens.  However, if it does attract good Qi, its onward and upward! 

A copy of this painting can be found on the website at www.sonmorcreative.com in the Fine Art Store.

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