Creating Business Flow

So, you’ve rolled out a serious marketing campaign, and the phone is ringing, and the traffic has increased considerably, but after a month you see very little increase in your sales figures!  What happened?!


Well, you should start with having a look at your business and sales systems and how well they operate and flow.  A sale can get caught up anywhere, so finding the place the sale is getting bogged down is the first step.  It could be something as simple as your staff not being trained enough to field the customers questions, therefore not allowing the customer to make an educated purchase. Not having a payment system that is convenient or easy for the customer to buy your product or service.  For example, having no credit card merchant system or only accepting cash.  How easily is your product distributed?  Can the customers pick up the product or have it delivered quickly?  These are very broad concepts, but they can all have serious consequences to your bottom line.


It is so important to stress to your employees how important it is to document customer needs, and wants, and have them write in a communication book If that be a payment option, a new product, unsatisfactory comments.  Have the staff number take the customers name and number so you follow up with them, and fully understand the issue and take corrective action on your end.


Whatever the reason, you should keep your eyes open and not ignore the pain points in your business systems.  It could be training, product knowledge, service system, follow up after sales issue, etc.  It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant the problem may appear.  If it is affecting your customer experience, you should rectify it as quickly as possible before it really bogs down your yearly sales goals.

Fix and Test:

It may not be black or white like offering your staff product knowledge training.  If it’s not, make sure you change or tweak the system.  Sometimes small changes fix the issues.  Other times it’s a change and test until you find the smooth flow of customer satisfaction and an increase in sales.


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