Be a "Dare to be Different" Business

Dare to be Different

 When I see businesses doing creative marketing that gets my attention, I need to share.  Maybe a crumble of creativity can spark an idea for your business. 

See how the creative marketing campaign unfolds.

So, I am walking down the street and I come across this chalk writing on the sidewalk.  On further inspection, I notice it’s an discount ad on summer merchandise.  It did its job, got my attention and stopped me in my tracks.  It wasn’t some fancy or expensive marketing campaign.  It was a small marketing campaign that took a little ingenuity, some planning and elbow grease.  




I just had to share this, so I whipped out my cell phone and snapped some photo’s.  I followed the directional arrows............



And more directional arrows that led to a Twitter and Instagram address. 
Then to an.....


E-Commerce address and discount code for online shopping.

Brilliant on you “Little Nest + Co.”!
What great marketing ingenuity!
I love when I see marketing that costs very little in labour and materials and just needed to share this little gem of information.
  • If you decide to pursue an idea similar to this, I would recommend you check with the Management Company of your commercial space to ensure it does not conflict with the terms of your lease agreement.




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